EMP Celebrities | East Orlando Family Photography

I’ll call this family my EMP Celebrities.  They’re my most photographed family.  Well, especially Miss Iris.  My camera likes her.  This time we did family pictures so we get to meet Mr. E.  We fought the mosquitos (props to clients who carry bug spray in their car!) and dealt with the sun that decided to set behind a giant cloud, but it all worked out.  Here’s a good sampling of their pictures without sharing the best family picture that I’m going to assume will make the Christmas card.

My Guinea Pig | Orlando Children Photographer

I have a couple of sessions to share, but until I get approval on which pictures I can share I need to hold off.
I don’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas card!

So, in the meantime I have more pictures of Peyton.  She’s my tester, my guinea pig.
My husband made this backdrop for me recently so I wanted to test it out.  It’ll be perfect for my newborns!

 She’s proving to have gymnast genes like her mama 🙂

We call these ‘silly eyes’ and it cracks me up every single time she does it!

Then one night we went out and tested a couple locations.  Pretty result, but lots of mosquitos, hitch hikers, and spurs.
Boots were a necessity.  And so was a shower after we got home!

I had this idea to throw confetti (colored shredder paper) in the air.  Would have been helpful to have an extra pair of hands to throw the confetti, but we had fun 🙂