And Baby Makes Five | New Smyrna Beach Family Photographer

You’ll recognize this mama from her gorgeous maternity pictures a couple of posts back.  Their family spent some time with us at the beach so we took some family pictures before the baby comes.  Once again we were late down to the beach so we dealt with bright sun.  It’s just hard to get going in the morning while you’re on vacation!  Can’t wait for that little girl to arrive!


Baby #3 | Orlando Maternity Photographer

This mama is one of my good friends.  This is her third baby.  She looks AMAZING, does she not?!  I barely gave her any direction.  She was quite a natural.  The sky was very gloomy and I thought that it would definitely rain at some point.  I had my heart set on some silhouette pictures and I thought for sure the sky would not cooperate.  On the drive back we passed the location I wanted to take the silhouettes at and the clouds were giving just enough room for the sunset to shine through.  We stopped and waited for the sun to set and it did not disappoint.  It was so pretty!  So, despite the iffy weather and me kneeling in a fire ant pile (75+ bites later!) it was quite a successful session.