Reed | Lake Nona Florida Newborn Photographer

This is one of my all time favorite newborn sessions to date!  There is a very comfortable, relaxed feeling in the room when I photograph a friend’s baby.  They know me and trust me already and they’re able to just sit and relax while I work.  They let me sooth baby when he fusses and feed baby a bottle while I pose.  Parents are also more relaxed when it isn’t their first baby and everything isn’t so new to them.  So, all those things combined really helped make this a dream session.

Reed was a dream!  I think I saw his eye balls one time.  He was just very sensitive to being cold.  He was squishy and bendy and I had a great time wrapping him up like he was in the womb.  The white set up is a favorite for me.  This family (as well as mine) are BIG Orlando City Soccer fans.  I had the soccer ball picture planned in my head for some time so I’m glad we pulled it off.  Big brother Owen is just 19 months, but is so sweet with his little brother as you will see.  He’s a typical busy toddler, but he was happy and with a little work we were able to get the shots we wanted.  And yes, mama looks amazing for having had a baby 8 days prior.  Her labor was one of the fastest and virtually painless I’ve ever heard of….so jealous!

Enjoy this large share 🙂


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