Introducing Fresh 48 sessions

What is a Fresh 48 Session?  It’s a session done in the hospital within 48 hours of baby being born, typically the day after baby is born.

Who is involved?  Mom, Dad, baby, and siblings, too.

What do we wear?  Have a simple onesie and sleeper for baby and a good swaddle blanket.  Solids up top for mom, dad, and siblings.  Nothing with characters, big graphics, or loud colors.

How long will this session last?  Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

What kinds of pictures can I expect?  This session is very casual and very candid.  There isn’t a lot of posing.  It’s more about connection and interaction.

How many images will I get?  As many as I edit.  This session below ended up with 60 images.

What is the difference between a Fresh 48 and a newborn session?  EVERYTHING.  Hospital sessions will display the raw, real life.  I will not overly smooth skin and fix every scratch and imperfection.  They are done with natural, window light. These are memories you want to remember because that first 24 hours is a blur.  A newborn session will yield perfect, frame worthy portraits.  A newborn session lasts about 3 hours and is done in my home studio using controlled studio light.

Don’t hospitals have a photographer?  Ask your friends, it’s not the same experience.

Can I do a Fresh 48 AND a newborn session?  Of course!  And I’ll give you a discount if you book both.

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