Peyton | Lake Nona Child Photographer

This was such an impromptu shoot.  The previous night the kids had some friends sleepover and the next day started at 5:30am.  Shoot me now!  We had a busy day and Peyton got 2 tiny car naps and I got no nap.  We were sitting in the house and it was just before 5 o’clock.  I had the idea to go take some pictures.  I must have been delirious.  Peyton was in agreement and we threw an outfit together and out the door we went.  To my surprise the temperature had really dropped and it was pretty windy.  I ran back in and grabbed a small blanket.  It happened to be one that my mom crocheted for her before she was born.  It really added to the ensemble and kept her from completely melting down over the cold temps.  There are so many favorites from this quick session.  I put them in some collages so I could share more without being completely obnoxious…ha!  This girl is growing up so fast.  I see so much maturity in her face in some of these.  She is full of spunk and sass, but is sweet as pie all at the same time.

If you’re wanting some pictures of your child or children without doing the whole big family session, see the investment tab up above for pricing.


Some outtakes 🙂

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